Maritime Reconnaissance Procedures (RECON)

Maritime Reconnaissance is used to search for ships and submarines, both on the surface and submerged.

This task is normally conducted by a suitable Naval Reconnaissance aircraft such as the P-3 Orion or Nimrod MR2.

Similar to the search and rescue role, the aircraft will fly at a height of 500 to 1,000 feet on it's assigned flightplan, switching through tactical frequencies. These ADF frequencies are used only for Submarines and shipping.

Once a lock has been found by the ADF on board the aircraft the pilot must track it to it's source and at a height of no more than 500 feet, take a screenshot for later confirmation by Intelligence teams.

The screenshot should then be forwarded to the applicable commanding officer.

Tactical Reconnaissance Procedures

Tactical Reconnaissance can be simulated quite well. All that is required is a screen capture software and the correct scenery (dynamic or otherwise) installed on the pilot's PC.

The aim is to simulate photo recon, using the screen capture program when over flying targets conducting the operation at low to medium altitude. Screenshots should be taken from the sideways or top down view and saved in .jpg format. Once the sortie is completed and assuming that the aircraft returns to the base okay, the images are then sent to your commanding officer for processing. If the aircraft fails to return to base, eg.